Make the journey shorter. Bring the water closer.

This is Water Road, the path baka pygmies have to walk several times a day to get a few litres of unhealthy water.
Help us bring the water closer to them. Help us make their journey shorter.

Zerca y Lejos gives you the chance to put an end to journeys like Water Road.
1- Choose one or several of the stretches the road is divided into.
2- Make them disappear by donating €1 for each one.
3- Each deleted stretch of road will shorten their route.

If we manage to eliminate 20,000 stretches, we’ll be able to build a well in their village and the baka people will only have to walk a few metres to get clean drinking water.

This stretch is almost yours.
Would you like to choose more?
1 frame = 1€
1 frame = 1€
Connect, and we’ll put a name and face to your stretch of the journey.
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Thank you
for dismantling this route with us.